Courier Services

Courier Services System Unavailable

Due to advances in technology and state budget reductions, Courier Services is operating with only one courier and limiting our service to only the current daily regular run. During the summer months, Courier Services is testing a “free” pilot program in which east campus departments can drop off envelopes for Canfield Administration (all offices), Business Services Complex 1700 “Y” (Procurement or Accounts Payable), and Love Library (Testing and Scanning Services). The east campus locations accepting envelopes are Varner Hall 3835 Holdrege St room 107 (pick up time approx. 2:10 PM, Barkley Memorial Center 4075 East Campus Loop south suite 202 (pick up time approx. 2:15 PM), and Home Economics Building 1650 N 35t St room 105 (pick up time approx. 2:30 PM). Materials of a confidential nature or bursar deposits the department desires to keep secure and not left at one of the east campus drop locations, can be left at University Fleet Managements Dispatch Lobby Courier Drop box. The lobby requires NCard access, is available 24/7, and Courier Services will pick up at approximately 2:35 PM during normal business days. Call Courier Services (402) 472-2659 for dispatch lobby NCard access. Envelopes must be properly addressed with the delivery location and the courier will only accept envelopes to the three pilot delivery locations. Envelopes delivered after the scheduled times will not be picked up for delivery until the following business day. Delivery of large boxes or packages or locations other than the pilot locations should be coordinated through Mail and Distribution Services. Thank you